Dr Zainab Al-Zaghir

Dr Zainab Al-Zaghir

Dr Zainab Al-Zaghir

Assistant Professor
Phone: +968 26850100 Extn: 323
Location: Suwaiq building, Office no: E23

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Dr Al-Zaghir is a highly accomplished linguist and experienced educator, holding the position of Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Language Studies at Sohar University. She obtained her PhD in Linguistics from Otago University in 2014, which laid a strong academic foundation for her career. In addition, she holds an MA in Applied Linguistics from Universiti Putra Malaysia (2007) and a B.Ed. in English from Babylon University (2001).

With a rich international background, Dr Al-Zaghir has accumulated valuable teaching experience in various countries. Her teaching journey has taken her from New Zealand and Iraq to her current role as an assistant professor in the Faculty of Language Studies. This global exposure has fostered a comprehensive outlook, enriching her teaching and research endeavors. Dr Al-Zaghir incorporates cross-cultural perspectives into her pedagogical methodologies, expanding her knowledge of linguistics through the exploration of diverse cultural contexts.

Dr Al-Zaghir’s research interests span a wide range of areas within linguistics. Her focus lies in corpus analysis, delving into the study of large collections of written or spoken languages and dialects. Through her research, she uncovers linguistic patterns and phenomena, exploring the complexities of language variation and change. Dr Al-Zaghir’s work in dialectology sheds light on the unique features of Arabic varieties, examining their similarities and differences.

Passionate about language documentation, Dr Al-Zaghir actively contributes to the preservation of endangered languages and their cultural heritage. Notably, she played a pivotal role as a member of a research team that secured an OMR 20,000 TRC fund to study and document the Kumzari language, an endangered language of Oman. Her contributions to the documentation and revitalization efforts of Kumzari ensure its preservation for future generations.

An advocate for integrating technology in education, Dr Al-Zaghir explores the potential of educational technologies to enhance language learning and teaching. Through her research, she investigates how digital tools and resources can be effectively utilized to create engaging and interactive learning environments, facilitating language acquisition and fostering student engagement.

Dr Al-Zaghir’s extensive knowledge and expertise extend to the classroom, where she offers a diverse range of language-related courses. These include Professional Writing, Grammar of Writing, Syntax, Morphology, Composition, Academic Writing, and Research Methods. She specializes in courses focused on writing skills development for ESL learners at different proficiency levels.

Recognizing her exceptional teaching abilities, Dr Al-Zaghir received the Vice Chancellor’s Outstanding Teaching award for the academic year 2020. This esteemed award acknowledges her commitment to providing high-quality education and ensuring student success.

Currently, Dr Al-Zaghir serves as the chairperson of the Center for Educational Development, overseeing the training and professional development of academic staff. In this leadership role, she upholds high standards of teaching excellence and contributes to the continuous improvement of teaching methodologies and practices.

Moreover, Dr Al-Zaghir recently chaired the successful Sohar University 6th Teaching and Learning Conference during the academic year 2022/2023. This conference served as a platform for educators to exchange ideas, engage in fruitful discussions, and enhance their pedagogical approaches. Dr Al-Zaghir’s leadership in organizing this event exemplifies her commitment to fostering a collaborative and innovative academic community.

Dr Al-Zaghir’s proficiency in linguistics, outstanding teaching achievements, leadership role, and international exposure make her a valuable asset to the Faculty of Language Studies. Her dedication to educational excellence, professional development, and cross-cultural understanding continues to positively influence the lives of her students and the academic community as a whole.


  • Ph.D In Linguistics, University Of Otago, New Zealand, 2014
  • MA In Applied Linguistics, University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia, 2007
  • B.Ed In English Language, Babylon University, Iraq, 2001 ​

Teaching Interest

  • Linguistics,
  • Academic Writing,
  • Professional Communication,
  • Grammar,
  • Second Language Acquisition​ ​

Research Interest

  • Corpus Analysis,
  • Typological Universals,
  • Dialectology, Learning, and Motivation,
  • Second Language Acquisition