Student Services


Universities and colleges have a department called ‘student services,’ which offers advice and support to all students who want it. They support students from various backgrounds to find housing, seek counselling, connect with other emotional support networks, make the most of their time at University, contribute positively to the quality of the student experience, progression and retention.

The Student Service Department at Sohar University (SU) is one of such Student Affairs departments that play a crucial role in providing a wide range of student services. It is located in Shinas Building, a centralized location for all students. The department aims to provide high-quality services that are designed in a way to keep pace with rapid technological advancements. It also seeks to harness the potential and capabilities to support students in all aspects. The entire department is ready to ensure each student can be successful during their time at SU and is prepared to succeed in their chosen career.

The Department provides: a hostel for female students; transportation for female hostel students; medical care for all students; counselling assistance for all students; catering services for all students.


On-campus housing is provided for female students in the form of a hostel. It comprises four wing segments. Each wing consists of four floors, and each floor has a distinct number of rooms that can accommodate single, double, or triple occupancy. In addition to the weekly shopping service, recreational outings within the city limits of Sohar, and other activities related to the needs of female students living in University accommodation, daily cleaning, and maintenance services are also provided.

The University’s accommodation provides female supervisors, a nurse and security personnel; in addition to a 24-hour emergency service. Along with free Wi-Fi, a cell phone with WhatsApp service was given to make it easier for students and parents to talk.

Registration and accommodation reservations can be made electronically by using SU Mobile App.

The Student Service Center advises the students about the accommodation and follow-up on their situation and satisfaction with the services provided. Following is the fee structure of the rooms based on their capacity:


Type of room

 Per semester 

Triple OMR 239
Double OMR 355
Single OMR 671

:Tel: 26850100  Ext: 336 – 133
Other Ext.: 517 – 303 – 334
Mobile: 93904545
Email: ,

Additionally, University offers free transportation to and from Muscat port, Military airport, and Shinas port for female hostel students at the start and end of each semester as well as during official vacations.

Students staying in the women’s hostels at the University can reserve a seat on one of the University buses by using their SU Mobile App, calling the Transport unit, or going there in person.

The amount to be paid for transportation is given below:


Type of Transportation

 Per semester 

Weekly OMR 91


Tel: 26850100  Ext: 133

At SU, we promote and enhance our students’ good health and well-being to help them succeed academically while improving their quality of life on campus. This is achieved by providing visiting hours for out-patients, primary care, and free consultation on general health care for registered students. The University provides students with quality medical services. Sohar University Clinic is located in Mahatat Al Talabah to provide primary and immediate health care to students and staff. Patients who require additional medical attention are referred to the nearest health center. The clinic is open from 8 am to 4 pm. In the clinic, there is a medical doctor, a nurse & two medical orderlies. A nurse is also available in the hostel during the night shift except Thursday and Friday to ensure that they receive suitable treatment. The ambulance service is on call 24/7. Apart from the emergency service provided by the University’s ambulances, bus service is available to take students to and from SU Clinic to the nearest government health centers.

Important Information:

  • All new students must complete a health history form that will be kept on record at the clinic. Only the doctor is authorized to view this record.
  • Before seeing any health care professional outside the University, students are advised to obtain a referral form from the clinic.
  • All students must inform the clinic of any health issues they might have. This is to help the student if any health issue arises.

Contact:Tel: 26850100  Ext: 228, 229 & 770

Help and guidance are provided to any student who needs social or psychological support. Experienced counsellors, including qualified psychologists, are available to provide services to all students. All issues dealt will remain confidential, and any student who feels the need for counselling should not hesitate to come to see the staff.

Student Counselling is here to help students with ongoing or persistent difficulties, providing workshops, group sessions, self-help resources, and individual counselling sessions. Students can also seek advice if they face problems with fellow students, lecturers, or University staff members. Either student can visit Student Counselling offices, or they can complete and submit the electronic form. Again, everything that a student shares with us remains confidential, so no student should be afraid to come and ask for help.

Contact:  Tel: 26850100, Ext: 338
Direct phone NO: 26850190
Nawal Al-Marshoodi,
Muna Al Jahwari,
Fatma Al-Balushi,

The University campus has a main restaurant located in Mahatat Al Talabah and coffee shops around the campus. The main restaurant functions from 7 am to 9 pm and serve only in the evening times during Ramadan. Additionally, they provide a delivery service for hostel students, and also the students can order from a local restaurant. A nutritionist staff is available to follow up with any health issue. They inspect the quality of meals offered to students at our on-campus outlets and ensure that the prices charged are reasonable.

Contact:Tel: 26860100  Ext: 146

Student Service Policies

The Student Service Department dealing with student affairs also illustrates specific policies to protect the integrity of the University’s mission, reputation, and operations and support the management of significant institutional risks.

AccommodationThe accommodation has been made to help the students have a good stay while at Sohar University. This policy is to help both parties to make the hostel a better place to live in. Students are expected to comply with this policy. Terms and conditions for staying in the hostel are laid down by the Student Service Department, which is as follows:

  1. Students must be registered before applying for hostels.
  2. Students must apply for accommodation by following the procedures.
  3. Students must comply with the University Accommodation Policy.
  4. Students are permitted to reside in hostels only during the months of study, based on the contract period indicated during registration.

Apart from the instructions mentioned above, there are some general instructions that each and every occupant must follow.

Student Code of ConductThe University anticipates that all students will adhere to general well-being standards. The Student Service Department lays down the University’s Code of Conduct for the students. A student will be deemed in breach of the University’s Code of Conduct if he or she has:

  • Performed any behavior that inhibits obstructs, or disrupts any teaching, learning, or research; administrative activity of the University; athletic, social and recreational activities; any meeting or activity sanctioned or hosted by the University.
  • Acted in a way that could endanger or harm the health of others.
  • Obstructed or attempted to block access to the University campus.
  • Misused or damaged University premises or property, including materials, furniture, and equipment belonging to University staff or students.
  • Misused any University funds or assets.
  • Violated the confidentiality of any confidential files or material (for example, unauthorized access to student records).
  • Been found guilty of any criminal offence.
  • Engaged in fraud, deceit, deception, or dishonesty (for example, forging a signature).
  • Failed to adhere to any additional Code of Practice, for example, those relating to the usage of the library, learning resources and IT, student accommodation, University transportation, uniform, or any other regulations approved by the University.
  • Failed to comply with a previous sanction or penalty imposed.
  • Acted in a way that might endanger the University’s reputation.
  • Smoked, displayed, or had cigarettes or illegal substances in University buildings, student housing, transit, or other University-related facilities.

Any violation of this Code of Conduct will be dealt with accordingly. A severe penalty will be imposed if the student has a history of violations.

Student Complaints

The University strives to provide excellent service to all students. The University aims to respond to any comments and/or complaints in an open, fair, and effective manner and to provide an appropriate solution to any student who has been mistreated by a service. However, difficulties sometimes arise, and the service may not always meet students’ expectations. A formal complaint may be filed in such instances. The student can generally lodge all complaints online through the SU mobile App or by submitting a completed complaint form available on the University portal.