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Further Study (Students who graduated and completing further study)

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Ms. Mariam AL-Shibli
Tel: (+968) 26850100 – Ext: 454

Ms. Halima AL-Farsi

Tel: (+968) 26850100 – Ext: 644
Direct: (+968) 26850150

For general enquiries please email:
Office: LRC, 2nd Floor


CGS advises the university students on their transition from studying to profession and it offers guidance and support on their study choices besides responding to their career enquiries at the Diploma, Bachelor and Master levels.

The Career Counsellors and other related staff at the CGS support the students to achieve the below objectives:

  • Provide specific job related tools.
  • Assist the students in finding appropriate ideas to their interests, values, and abilities.
  • Offer career assessment through testting and evaluating.
  • Provide proper guidance and advice for students and graduates on the existing career opportunities.
  • Provide a range of job or internship opportunities for students and graduates.


Career Counsellor

Career Counsellors offer students and graduates with a number of professional services such as one-to-one meetings throughout the academic year. They also advise and guide them to make right decisions on their career choices and plans to achieve the specified goals. On top of that the counselling service provides workshops and discussion sessions or courses at the university about employment.

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  • To evaluate the counseling service, click here.

Workshops and Events

CGS organize and offer a various of workshops in cooperation with the partners and experts in the field. In order to empower students and graduates and provide them with all the skills required for the labor market, career guidance services provide many training courses, workshops and lectures that are held throughout the academic year.

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Employer Engagement

We are always keen to hear from Employers who would like to be involved in the university activities. They can be in contact with students and graduates in a number of ways such as offering work experience, delivering workshops, attending Training Fair and Career Guidance and other related events.

Talk to us if you are interested in:

  • Offering internship for students.
  • Offering job opportunities.
  • Enhancing career and academic programmes that support students with their final projects.
  • Running workshops in the field of entrepreneurship.
  • Conducting mock interviews and CV clinics.
  • Participate in Employer Survey for Sohar University Graduates

Campus Employers

Internship or Training

CGS offers the students and graduates with a full range of internship opportunities in order to be better prepared for the labour market. Therefore, students and graduates should endeavour   to find the internships that better suit their needs and they should be able to give feedback on any needed improvement which can be implemented. Note, the internship period should not be less than one month.

Types of Internship offered by CGS:

  • Internships Inside SU & Outside SU.
  • Summer Internship.

Apply For Internship:

Assessment and Tests

CGS provides means to assess the skills and attributes of the graduates. Based on these results and feedback. We give proper advice and guidance for the students and graduates, as well as, providing feedback to the academic staff to be used in programme review processes. Besides that we update employers with information about the skills and experiences they are looking for to be considered in the recruitment and training plans of the university students and graduates.

Types of Assessment Test:

  • Tendencies Assessment Test
  • Career Assessment Test
  • Graduate Assessment Test
  • Aptitude Tests for Job Applicants & Graduates

Annual Training Fair

The Annual Training Fair aims to creating direct contact between students and the various employers in order to estimate the needed training for the upcoming employment opportunities in the labour market. In addition to that a number of workshops and lectures on career guidance topics are offered during the fair period.


Current Students

Our staff is available to answer your inquires about your future career planning starting from your first year at the university to graduation. You can explore the range of services and resources provided by the section to support your professional development during your study time at the university and after graduation.  This service includes your effort of job seeking by providing coaching, assessing, internships and placements, career planning and more others like:

  • Offer Internship opportunities
  • Provide different workshops
  • Enhancing the students mind set of being an entrepreneur by building good networks
  • Preparing students to the recruitment processes


As a graduate of Sohar University, you are welcome to our services, including the provision of internship opportunities and workshops to prepare you for your career beyond the university.

Below are types of services we offer to the graduates:

  • Provide different activities and workshops
  • Provide Internal and external internship
  • Tell about success stories of graduates
  • Provide career advice
  • Arrange mock interviews
  • Help in job seeking efforts

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