Al-Owtabi Center for Cultural and Heritage Studies

Professor Nidal Al-Shamali
Head of the Al- Owtabi Center for Cultural and Heritage Studies
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Ext: 115 or 660


An international centre for culture, arts and heritage.


Preserving and presenting Omani heritage and culture and participating in the center on internal projects in this regard.

Core value:

Re-establishing the socio-cultural legacy of the country to its due status as a major constituent of the intellectual scene and restoring its ties with world cultures.

Al Owtabi Centre will:

  • Preserve Omani culture and tradition and communicate to future generations in a contemporary way.
  • Create cultural experiences for people (Omanis, residents, tourists and international participants) of all ages and also organizations.
  • Develop a centre for researchers to study Omani culture, arts, heritage and traditions.
  • Provide support for young Omani entrepreneurs and researchers in Omani culture, arts and heritage in developing, displaying and presenting their work.
  • Host displays and performances as a major cultural arts venue.
  • Collaborate with national and international partners.

The Al Owtabi Centre Steering Committee will consist of the following:

  • Prof. Nadal Al Shamali – Chair
  • Dr Ali Al Manei – Member (Deputy Chair)
  • Dr Hajar – Member
  • Dr Rafik Al Jamosi – Member
  • Dr Abdullah Al Shibli – Member
  • Ms. Sheikha Al Mamari – Member (Secretary)
  • Literature, Criticism and Language Committee
  • History and Heritage Committee
  • Crafts and Traditional Industries Committee
  • Preparatory committee for conferences, forums and courses