Technology Transfer & Incubation Centre

Ms. Tameema Al-Hinai
Technology Transfer & Incubation Centre
Tel: (+968)26850100 – Ext: 364

Technology transfer
Providing Support for the protection of all types of intellectual property rights.

Technology transfer provides the following services:

  1. Awareness of intellectual property rights through workshops, seminars, and exhibitions.
  2. Support students and research staff in submitting and meeting intellectual property rights requirements.
  3. Support Protecting intellectual property rights and commercializing the results of research and innovation.
  4. Finding agreements and fostering mutual cooperation with the industrial sector for technology and new tech innovations for startups.
  5. Supporting small and medium-sized enterprises towards innovation and scientific research.

The Scientific Incubator
Incubator for developing innovations and scientific research outcomes and transforming them into innovative, technology-based startups.

Target Group:

  • Individuals with creative ideas resulting from research by students and researchers.
  • Individuals with groundbreaking ideas founded on innovation.

Objectives of the Incubator:

  • Empowering research outcomes and economically feasible projects.
  • Enhance and develop entrepreneurship based on innovation.
  • Develop technology emerging from scientific laboratories and transfer it to society.
  • Contribute to providing job opportunities and value-added products/services to the national economy and society.
  • Raise awareness about the importance of embracing technology and developing scientific research outcomes into products.
  • Enrich the national economy with technology and knowledge-based small enterprises.
  • Provide a supportive environment for incubatees to develop their innovations and turn them into reality.

Manufacturing Industries Incubator
A specialized incubator in the field of manufacturing industries, by processing raw materials to convert them into finished goods.

Target Group:

  • Small and medium enterprises in the field of manufacturing industries.
  • Owners of innovative industrial ideas.

Objectives of the Incubator:

  • Empowering small and medium enterprises in the field of manufacturing industries.
  • Creating a set of startup companies with high technical and managerial capabilities in the field of manufacturing industries.
  • Providing technical support and necessary services in guidance, consulting, and marketing.
  • Contributing to job creation by developing the manufacturing industries sector.