Electronic Tendering Portal


Welcome to the Sohar University Electronic Tendering Portal

The Procurement & Contracts Department plays an important role in supporting the educational, research, and business initiatives of Sohar University by discovering possibilities to acquire the right goods or services at the right price and ensuring compliance through effective controls. This includes ensuring that the most effective and innovative purchasing methods are implemented in strategic sourcing and operational purchasing.

What we buy

  • IT Procurement (Hardware and Software)
  • Marketing, Advertising and Event Management
  • Lab Supplies and Equipment
  • Chemicals and Gases
  • Educational supplies services
  • Maintenance, Facilities Management and Furniture
  • Medical Consumables and Equipment
  • Educational Materials
  • Specialist Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Logistics and catering services
  • Travel services
  • Hotel services

Vendor's Registration

Sohar University invites all specialized, experience and authorized vendors who have sufficient experience in providing services to Government/Private Organizations to register in our vendor’s registration portal in order to be considered for available business opportunities.

The Purchasing and Contracts Department at Sohar University supervises all vendors registration procedures electronically by following up, facilitating and approving the electronic registration procedures.

The vendor must be registered on the Vendor Portal in order to participate in Sohar University bids. If you are not registered with the E-tender portal, please review the required information below for registration and click on the link to register.

All Online registration submissions must include the following documents (New Suppliers / Local Suppliers):

  • Copy of Company Owner’s ID
  • Copy of Commercial Registration
  • Copy of Chamber Registration
  • Copy of Computer Print out
  • Photocopy of Bank Account No card
  • Copy of Specimen Signature
  • Copy of List of Agencies held foreign and local
  • Company Profile
  • VAT Certificate

Feedback and Support

For any feedback and support, users can raise their queries inside the e-tender portal to allow us to improve our services.