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Manager – Procurement and Contracts
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The university procurement process is a long, tedious, and complicated course of events that culminates in the university obtaining goods or services for the Sohar University. Although most individuals will not go through the entire process themselves, it’s important to understand how it works so that you can be aware of what to expect!

How does the Sohar University procure goods and services?

The university has a dedicated Procurement and Contracts Department. It comes under the Director of finance. Its sole aim is to assist the various departments within the university in getting the necessary goods and services to help meet their department objectives for a given academic year. They also help to sustain, foster, and support the educational and research missions of the university.

Efficient use of resources – the heart of the procurement department

The Sohar University Department of Procurement and Contracts is at the heart of the university’s move toward efficient use of resources through reducing costs and increasing savings, improving quality, and promoting accountability.

The Procurement and Contracts department leads the university’s process of receiving goods and services that are independent of their actual consumption. The key element is to ensure that this process is efficient, effective, economical, transparent, and accountable.

The department is responsible for helping the university make well-informed purchasing decisions by identifying sources for goods and services that best meet its needs.

It also maintains a supply of goods and services on hand to meet the needs of any given period. Furthermore, it maintains a continuous inventory of the current quantity and type of goods and services available to the university.

The department follows a process to obtain goods and services for various departments. The department plays a major role in developing and maintaining an overview of the purchase and supply of all the bought-in goods and services required to support the university. Their proactive role enhances overall purchasing performance and makes the most effective use of resources.

The process of goods and services acquisitions

The Procurement & Contracts Department publishes approximately 400 to 500 different ‘tenders’ annually. These tenders would be towards acquiring various goods and services for the university.

For example, they can be requests from internal departments for external companies to submit potential quotes for particular items or services. Once these requirements have been published, various companies are invited to submit potential quotes.

We use technology to streamline the procurement process

The Procurement and Contracts Department of Sohar University prides itself on leveraging technology solutions to make the entire procurement process robust and streamlined.

It uses the latest technology for the automation of all its processes. This helps to ensure that the exact requirement of the university is accomplished without wastage of resources.

The department helps draw up purchasing contracts to get the goods and services in the fastest possible time at the most optimal cost. They ensure that this is done as per the quality expectation of the internal department within the university.


The Procurement and Contracts Department is primarily responsible for the following:

  • Utilizes best practices to acquire equipment, supplies, and services of the highest quality at the lowest cost.
  • Facilitates the acquisition of commodities and services to support the University’s research, programs, and activities.
  • Provides information and insight on Supplier Performance and Relationships.
  • Develops strategic ties with suppliers.
  • Performs administrative tasks for formal competitive solicitations and other complex procurement’s.
  • Negotiates supplier terms and conditions.
  • Ensures that University and Oman Government laws, regulations, and procedures are followed.
  • Examines and processes University software licenses.
  • The whole tender announcement is published in local publications.
    Contract drafting between the university and third parties for the operation and execution of projects.
  • All Contracts for Buildings, Services, Supplies, and Purchases are promptly updated.
  • Prepare and execute the auction procedure for furniture, equipment, etc.
    Coordinate all ticketing and hotel booking services.

Values and Principles

Integrity, Fairness, Transparency, and Compliance with applicable procurement rules and regulations.

Our Goals

  • Keeping in constant touch with stakeholders, who are partners in helping us achieve our goals, preparing.
  • Preparing qualified staff who work as a team and follow the department’s vision, mission, goals, values, and principles.
  • Making sure that tools like devices, programs, systems, and smart apps that are needed to create and keep a motivating work environment are available.
  • Keeping work processes simple and improving them, and supporting initiatives that help achieve this goal.


The Manager of the Department is responsible for developing institutional purchasing strategies that harmonize with the specialist and wide-ranging supply needs of the academic, service, and support functions. It assists its employees in understanding and dealing with contracts and purchase legislation by providing the arrangements and purchasing skills required to support the university’s academic, research, and other activities. The Manager defines the principles of contracts and purchases and communicates them throughout the university.

This section plays a crucial role in the acquisition of supplies and materials, equipment and hardware, as well as the necessary support and services for all university departments and faculties. The objective of this section is to obtain the best possible value, which is a combination of price and quality, service accuracy, and delivery terms.

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This section will keep track of all leases, service contracts, and agreements with local and outside suppliers for all services provided to university departments and faculties. This section is primarily responsible for the formulation and implementation of effective, high-quality contract standards for university-provided services.

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This section provides reservations to the university’s staff and visitors. This section is also responsible for hotel bookings, restaurant reservations, and other services.

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This section is responsible for following up on all of the administrative work that the department has been doing in relation to both internal and external correspondence, as well as supplying the department’s needs through direct purchases.

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The primary responsibilities of this section include fulfilling the valid and authorized requests made by the faculties and departments for which they are responsible. Monitor the progress of approved operations and services through purchase orders or rate contracts in order to offer supplies or services to the University’s beneficiary faculties or departments.

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Suppliers Registration Method

Required documents:

  • Copy of Company Owner’s ID
  • Copy of Commercial Registration
  • Copy of Chamber Registration
  • Copy of Computer Print out
  • Photocopy of Bank Account No card
  • Copy of Specimen Signature
  • Copy of List of Agencies held foreign and local
  • Company Profile.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All items on the LPO are the responsibility of the supplier to be delivered to the University. If any or more of the item is regretted supply, the material will be purchased from another supplier and the amount will be deducted from the LPO amount.
  2. All delivered items should have a brand name, and warranty period mentioned properly with contact numbers for technical support for the products.
  3. Delivery Penalty: the supplier shall be charged at the rate of one percent (1%) of the price of the Delayed Items(s) per week to the maximum of four percent (4%) of the total Purchase Value. Moreover, Procurement & Contracts Department has the right to cancel the purchase order if the total penalty charges amounted to four percent (4%) are already applied.
  4. The payment will be released only after the complete delivery of the materials with delivery notes and invoices to the store’s section. Strictly submission of documents and delivery of items to stores only.
  5. The currency mentioned in the purchase order is the Omani riyal.
  6. The local purchase order is created and approved automatically and does not require any stamp or signature.

Contact Details

Name of the Employee Designation Direct No. University Extension Email
Mr. Talib Al-Dhabari Stores Head 26850100 456
Mrs. Fathiya Al Balushi Senior Purchase Officer – Procurement 26850100 289
Mrs. Salha Salim. Al Sheyadi Ticketing, Hotel reservation 26850100 223
Mr. Abdullah Al-Mamari Procurement Clerk 26850100 351
Ms. Ibtisam Al-Jahwari Procurement Clerk 26850100 621
Ms. Miysaa Stores Clerk 26850100 129

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