Dr Mervat Aljomaa

Dr Mervat Aljomaa

Assistant Professor
Phone: +968 26850100 Extn: 583
Location: Suwaiq building

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Dr Mervat Aljomaa is an accomplished Assistant Professor of English literature and criticism at Sohar University, the Faculty of Language Studies, renowned for her expertise in literature and commitment to teaching and research. Dr Aljomaa received her Bachelor’s degree from Syria’s AlBaath University. She pursued a Master degree in literature from Sheffield University in the United Kingdom after recognising her passion for the subject. There, she developed a profound appreciation for the power of literature and honed her skills in critical thinking. Dr Aljomaa received her doctorate in literature from Sheffield University in 2009. Her dissertation focused on narrative, reader response, and psychoanalysis in crossover literature by a number of English and American authors of young adult fiction.

Dr Aljomaa teaches an extensive array of specialised courses at Sohar University, including Introduction to English Literature, Literary Criticism, Literary Texts, Drama, and Fiction. As an Assistant Professor, she shares her expertise and enthusiasm for literature with students enrolled in a variety of courses. Her dynamic teaching approach and lively classroom discussions produce an intellectually stimulating and inspiring learning environment. Prior to joining Sohar University, Dr Aljomaa was an Assistant Professor at AlBaath University in Syria for nine years. During her tenure, she taught both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, where she nurtured the literary interests and critical thinking skills of her students.

Dr Aljomaa’s research focuses on young adult literature, modern narrative, and Arab women writers, in addition to her interest in literary theories and psychoanalysis. Her scholarly work explores the intersection of culture, gender, and identity, shedding light on the experiences of Arab women writers and their contribution to contemporary literature.

Her research has been widely recognized and published in reputable academic journals, contributing to the existing body of knowledge on young adult literature and the voices of Arab women in literature. By examining the literary works of Arab women writers, Dr Aljomaa sought to shed light on the experiences, perspectives, and narratives of Arab women in contemporary literature. She aims to challenge existing stereotypes, broaden cultural perspectives, and empower marginalized voices. Her research has contributed to enriching the field of literary studies and promoting cultural understanding and diversity.

Beyond her teaching and research endeavors, Dr Aljomaa is deeply committed to empowering her students and promoting cultural understanding. She encourages her students to engage critically with literary texts, fostering their analytical and interpretive skills. Her mentorship and guidance have inspired numerous students to pursue their own research interests and embark on successful academic careers.

Dr Aljomaa’s dedication to cultural understanding and diversity is evident in her classroom practices. She incorporates a range of literary texts from various cultures and backgrounds, exposing students to a rich tapestry of global literature.


  • Ph.D. In English Literature, The University of Sheffield, UK, 2009.
  • MA. In English Literature, The University of Sheffield, UK, 2005.
  • BA. In English, AlBaath University, Syria, 1998​

Teaching Interest

  • Literature
  • Narrative​

Research Interest

  • Modern Narrative,
  • Literature,
  • Feminist Theories​