Health Safety and Environment

Mr. Mohammed Al-Breiki
Head of HSE Section
Tel: (+968) 26850100 – Ext: 139
Al Khaboura Building, Ground Floor


At Sohar University (SU), the Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Section is run by trained, certified, and authorized specialists who offer services and help to make sure that work is done in a way that is legal, efficient, and successful.

To protect the health, safety, and ecological integrity of the University’s educational and research community, the HSE team promotes a culture of shared responsibility among students, faculty, contractors, and visitors.

To maintain a healthy, safe, and ecologically sound SU campus for all students, staff, contractors, and visitors, the HSE Section has created a comprehensive HSE Manual that contains various policies, procedures, and guidelines.

Occupational Safety and Health Regulations published by the Ministry of labour, Sultanate of Oman would be considered for execution wherever it is appropriate or there is any ambiguity.

Please consider that:

  • You are welcome to make direct contact with the HSE Section for assistance. We will get back to you within the next twenty-four hours regarding all requests. Requests that come in over the weekend will be answered on the first business day after the weekend.
  • Your privacy will be protected whenever you ask the HSE Section to look out for it.
  • You can also use the H.O.P.E (Hazard Observation Performance Enhancement) Card to report safe/unsafe concerns related to Health, Safety and Environment.

In case of any Emergency or Fire, please contact Sohar University emergency number:

Tel: (+968) 91153055


  • For all health, safety, and environmental concerns to be put into place successfully, all levels of management need to be involved.
  • The Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Section of Sohar University excels at its duties and is responsible for HSE within university operations.
  • The Head of HSE, as well as other members of the HSE staff, are well-versed in the operational knowledge of the HSE-related governing regulations, codes, and directives.
    • They have a completely optimistic and proactive outlook on safety, and they serve as a model for the other universities in Oman.
    • They are responsible for advising all managers responsible for implementing the university’s health and safety goals.
  • The job of Department Heads, Deans, and Team Leaders is to make sure that all employees are trained well and know what their HSE responsibilities are. They are also responsible for disseminating information about the HSE to ensure that tasks are completed without putting anyone in danger.
  • Before the university engages a contractor in any of its activities, the suitability of the contractor and the competency of its staff must be verified, and this must be followed by continuous monitoring while the work is being carried out.

The HSE Section has developed a comprehensive HSE Manual that contains numerous policies, procedures, and guidelines to ensure a healthy, safe, and environmentally sound SU campus for all students, faculty, and staff, as well as contractors and visitors.

Objectives and Goals

The following goals have been set to create a positive approach to health, safety, and environmental protection during all University activities:

  • To avoid all personal injuries during the execution of any activity, “Target Zero LTI.”
  • To ensure that all SU personnel employed at the university are competent to carry out their designated tasks safely.
  • To create positive health, safety, and environmental attitudes and perceptions at all levels of the university and to raise health, safety, and environmental awareness in general.
  • To set up a training program that helps people learn what they need to know about health, safety, and the environment.
  • To ensure risks are identified, assessed, and controlled in each area with significant risk and to ensure these risks are reviewed at least annually.
  • To complete each task safely, which involves a lot of risks, without effect negatively to permanent or temporary facilities.
  • To focus on environmental protection through waste management and proper housekeeping.
  • To set up a hierarchy of communication forums so that concerns about health, safety, and the environment can be brought up and dealt with at all levels of the organization.
  • To come up with a way to encourage people to do a good job with safety and the environment, using both praise and correction.
  • To continually monitor and improve HSE performance.

By applying the procedures outlined below, we hope to prevent harm to people, property, the environment, and the local community.

  • Creating management structures and procedures for use in all our workplaces, as well as continuous improvement through regular monitoring.
  • Obeying all applicable Sultanate of Oman legislation, decrees, and regulations.
  • Raising awareness among staff and students through a comprehensive program facilitated by the HSE department and implemented by respective department managers and university deans.
  • Ensuring that our contractors’ and vendors’ management systems are compatible with our commitment to HSE.
  • Taking part in the identification, risk assessment, and elimination of potential threats to HSE; and providing training and encouraging behaviour that adheres to this policy.
  • providing training and encouraging policy-abiding behaviour.

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