Vice Chancellor’s Message

الدكتور حمدان بن سليمان الفزاري

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Sohar University, which has completed more than 20 years as the first private University in Oman. SU is the second university after Sultan Qaboos University. As an academic institution, we have been able to add our footprint and make a remarkable impact as a higher education provider, developing human cadres.

The University has graduated thousands of students from different fields and disciplines in line with local and global market needs. All our programs offer quality education to prepare graduates who are suitable for the labour market. The University is an active partner in the industrial and commercial development of Sohar. We have six faculties offering a full range of academic programs that meet our students’ differing aspirations.

Sohar University provides a variety of master’s programs, and we recently launched a master’s program in law. We will continue to expand the number of master’s programs to supply the labour market with qualified cadres in different fields. The University has also recently obtained approval for two PhD programs, one in engineering and one in education. In 2022, we will accept the first students in these PhD programs and we will continue to offer PhD programs in other disciplines so that students can complete their postgraduate studies in Oman.

The University’s unique strategic location has attracted qualified academic and administrative staff from around the world. We have a beautiful world-class campus that meets the current requirements of higher education.

In terms of research and innovation, we have been able to win research grants from both inside and outside Oman. The University currently plans to secure funding from industry, private and public institutions to establish research centres and chairs. The University will increase its partnership with international, regional and local universities to allow knowledge transfer and the expansion of research output.

We are also working to obtain national and international academic accreditations that ensure our quality and maintain the high status of Sohar Unviersity.

Dr Hamdan Sulaiman Al Fazari
The Vice Chancellor