Dr Hadi Kashiha

Dr Hadi Kashiha

Dr Hadi Kashiha

Assistant Professor
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Location: Suwaiq building

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Dr Hadi Kashiha is an Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics in the Faculty of Language Studies at Sohar University in Oman, where he has served as the Program Coordinator of the BA in English Language and Literature. He holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics from University Putra Malaysia, where he received International Graduate Research Fellowship due to his dedication and involvement in a number of research projects. Prior to joining Sohar University, he also worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Alzahra University in Iran, and his research project was conducted under the sponsorship of Iran’s National Elites Foundation. His research interests focus on Corpus and Applied Linguistics, with a particular emphasis on Discourse Analysis, Genre studies, English for Academic Purposes, and Pragmatics.

With a profound understanding of corpus and discourse analysis, Dr Kashiha is passionate about exploring the intricate relationship between language, genre, and discourse, and how they are manifested in different contexts. His expertise lies in utilizing large-scale linguistic datasets to uncover patterns, structures, and variations in language use across genres and discourse communities. He is particularly interested in how linguistic choices and rhetorical strategies shape one’s communication in specific contexts. Besides, Dr Kashiha’s work in genre and discourse analysis focuses on examining the social and communicative functions of different text and speech types and how they are influenced by linguistic and pragmatic factors, as well as the expectations of specific discourse and disciplinary communities. Overall, through his research, he strives to uncover the underlying structures, linguistic features, and rhetorical moves that characterize genres and discourses in various domains, such as academic, political, and critical domains.

Dr Kashiha’s expertise and contributions have been recognized through publications in reputable Applied Linguistics journals and invitations to present his work at international conferences. His research carries practical implications for language teaching, particularly in the areas of English for Academic and Specific Purposes. To date, he has authored several research articles that have been published in prestigious journals, including Journal of Pragmatics, Australian Journal of Linguistics, European Journal of Applied Linguistics, Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, Discourse and Interaction, International Review of Pragmatics, and a few other international journals. Through his innovative research endeavors and unwavering commitment to education, he continues to make significant contributions to the field of Applied Linguistics and inspire future generations of researchers in their exploration of language, genre, and discourse.

In addition to his scholarly endeavors, Dr Kashiha is committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with the academic community by being actively engaged in teaching and mentoring students, guiding them to understand the practical applications of corpus analysis and genre-based approaches to language teaching and learning. He has also served as a speaker and presenter at various international conferences and workshops, where he has fostered productive dialogue and collaboration with fellow researchers in the field.


  • Ph.D in Applied Linguistics, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia, 2015.
  • MA in English Language Teaching, IAU, Science & Research Branch, Iran, 2009.
  • BA in English Language Translation, IAU, Iran, 2005.

Teaching Interest

  • Applied Linguistics
  • Academic Writing
  • Second Language Acquisition (SLA)
  • ​Research Methods in Education
  • English for Academic Purposes

Research Interest

  • Corpus Linguistics
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Genre Studies
  • EAP/ ESP
  • Contrastive Rhetoric