Dr Rafik Jamoussi

Dr Rafik Jamoussi

Dr Rafik Jamoussi

Associate Professor
Phone: +968 26850100 Extn: 270
Location: Suwaiq building

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Dr Rafik Jamoussi is an esteemed academician and researcher with over 30 years of teaching and research experience in the field of Translation Studies. He holds a BA and an MA degree from Tunisia and a Ph.D. in Translation Studies, which he earned through a collaborative program between the University of Manouba (Tunisia) and the University of London (UK).

Dr Jamoussi is strongly committed to advancing knowledge and expertise in Translation Studies. His research interests span a wide range of topics, including translation technology, translator training, translation as a sociocultural phenomenon, and translation history. His expertise in these areas has earned him recognition in the field, and he is a member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI), a renowned organization that promotes research and collaboration in the field of translation.

Dr Jamoussi’s dedication to research excellence is evident through his significant achievements in securing research grants. He has been awarded a major research grant from the Research Council of Oman, which has allowed him to conduct groundbreaking research on the topic of road sign Romanization. Additionally, Dr Jamoussi has served as a mentor for student research projects, successfully securing six Undergraduate Research Grants (URG). His mentorship has played a crucial role in fostering the next generation of researchers in the field.

Throughout his extensive academic career, spanning over 30 years, Dr Jamoussi has contributed his expertise and knowledge to several important institutions. He has held teaching positions at the University of Manuba, the University of Tunis (part-time), the University of Technology and Applied Sciences (CAS-Sohar), and Sohar University. His teaching and mentoring focus on key areas such as Computer-Assisted Translation, Machine Translation, terminology management, translation and culture, and Linguistics and translation. Dr Jamoussi’s dedication to providing a comprehensive education to his students has been widely recognized, and he is highly regarded as an effective and passionate educator.

Currently, Dr Jamoussi serves as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Language Studies at Sohar University, where he continues to contribute to the field of Translation Studies through his teaching, research, and leadership roles. He leads the Connecting Communities research theme at Sohar University, demonstrating his commitment to fostering collaboration and interdisciplinary research within the institution. Furthermore, Dr Jamoussi is a valued member of the Institutional Internal Evaluation Committee (IIEC), responsible for processing research grant applications submitted to the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation (MoHERI).

Dr Jamoussi’s dedication to academic development extends beyond his research and teaching endeavors. He has played an integral role in the organization of four of Sohar University’s SURC conferences, providing a platform for researchers to showcase their work and engage in meaningful discussions. Additionally, he has contributed to the organisation of two student research conferences, further promoting the spirit of inquiry and academic excellence among students.

In conclusion, Dr Rafik Jamoussi’s profile illustrates his status as a distinguished academician and researcher in the field of Translation Studies. With more than 30 years of teaching and research experience, his extensive knowledge, notable research accomplishments, teaching emphasis, and leadership involvement have significantly advanced Translation Studies. Dr Jamoussi’s dedication to research excellence, mentorship, and academic development continues to shape the future of the field, and his commitment to fostering collaboration and interdisciplinary research assures the vitality of the academic community.


  • Ph.D. In Translation Studies​, University of Tunis I, Tunisia, ​​2001.
  • MA In Linguistics, University of Tunis I, Tunisia, 1993​.
  • Bachelor in English Language, Literature, and Civilisation, University of Tunis I, Tunisia, 1988.​​​

Teaching Interest

  • Terminology management for translators
  • CAT tools
  • Technical translation

Research Interest

  • Translation and technology
  • Translator training