Ms. Budour Al-Farsi

Ms. Budour Al-Farsi

Ms. Budour Al-Farsi

Phone: +968 26850100 Extn: 535
Location: Rustaq building


Budour Al Farsi is currently working as Lecturer at Faculty of Computing and Information Technology, Sohar University, Sultanate of Oman. Previously, before taking the promotion to be a Lecturer, she was working as teaching assistant with Bachelor’s degree from Sohar University in Computer Science, Faculty of Computing and Information Technology. From the experience as teacher, and industry professional. She possesses essential skills to advance science and technology.

Her study in Bachelor journey was successful to top one student and get a chance to be as assistant lecturer in the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology, in 2009. Therefore, the inspiration encourages her to continue the Master degree from Coventry University, UK, in 2014. Lots of knowledge gained from the research as a postgraduate student. This knowledge is converted to publish the first paper titled “Business Intelligence design model for Universities” cited: Al Farsi, B. A., & Saini, D. K. (2015). Business intelligence design model (BIDM) for university. International Journal of Computer Applications, 111(14).

After the master journey ends, the search for the PhD started. Therefore, she is pursuing Ph.D. student at UNISEL, Malaysia. Therefore, she has attended and participated in research discussion in the International Seminar on 23rd May 2023 in AOU, Arab Open University in Muscat. Budour participated at this seminar by presenting her research progress and discuss the results she finds from the contributed survey.

With more than thirteen years of experience in teaching, research and supervising undergraduate students, she gains experience to coordinate the final year project for undergraduate students. Coordinating the final year project possesses experience to support students to gain knowledge how they can perform their work in their projects and manage their time within one year. Final year project covers the different fields of Computer Science for example: Internet of Things, Mobile Applications, Web Information systems and Data Mining. In addition to coordinating other course in the faculty. Therefore, as part of staff development Budour attended the Centre of Education Development (CED). This center focus on the Early Career Techers Courses that covers main points starting with course design through writing the objectives as well as measureable learning outcomes and designing variety of teaching activities, Communication with students and how to engage them throughout the course. This development course also includes the different activities that could be used to enhance the students learning experience. In addition to designing good assessments and using variety of assessments that are mapped to course learning outcomes.

As a member in academic staff, Budour is committed to supporting academic growth and research development. Therefore, she has supervised Final year projects and guide them to perform the project work. The research interest is in the field Artificial intelligence, software engineering, and data mining. The research interest has been translated to get the Graduate Research Grant, GRG with a cumulative value exceeding 2500 RO from Oman Research Council. The research titled: Understanding student perception using data mining techniques. Throughout this submission, Budour further demonstrates her dedication to research and her commitment to making a difference. As a result of pursuing this initiative, she hopes to contribute to innovative solutions and further advance her field.

In addition to her research and academic duties, Budour has actively contributed to her university and faculty through various committees. As a member of the university and faculty SULMS committee. She plays a crucial role in maintaining courses’ pages at the SULMS and gives staff roles to upload their materials to their course pages. In addition, she is a member in the time table committee and contribute to create the time table and book rooms for the different course activities as lectures, tutorials and labs. Overall, as a computing and IT member, Budour is highly regarded through her experience, leadership abilities, and research contributions.


  • Master In Information System, Coventry University, UK, 2014
  • BSc. In Computer Science, Sohar University, Oman, 2009

Teaching Interest

  • Computer Science
  • Information system​

Research Interest

  • Big Data,
  • New technology​