Dr Raja Lakhal

Dr Raja Lakhal

Assistant Professor
Phone: +968 26850100 Extn:357
Location: Barka building

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Dr Raja graduated from the University of Provence, France, and holds a Ph.D. in biotechnology and microbiology. He is an Assistant Professor of biology in the Bachelor of Science and Domain 2 program at Sohar University in Oman. Dr Raja previously worked as an Assistant Professor of biology at Carthage University in the Faculty of Science in Bizerte, Tunisia, and as an assistant professor and researcher at the Centre of Biotechnology in Sfax, Tunisia. He has published papers dealing with the microbiology of the deep sea and marine environments and the capacity of hyperthermophilic and anaerobic bacteria to cope with oxygen in their ecosystems. His area of interest is the fermentation of wastewater to produce bioenergy.


  • Ph.D. in Microbiology and Biotechnology

Teaching Interest

  • ​Microbiology
  • Environmemtal biotechnology
  • General biology / cytology

Research Interest

  • ​​Environmemtal biotechnology​

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