Revitalized and Reimagined: Unveiling Sohar University’s New Brand Identity

Sohar, Oman – October 12, 2023

Sohar University is proud to announce the unveiling of its new brand identity, marking a significant milestone on its journey towards excellence in higher education. This exciting development reflects the University’s commitment to evolution, growth, and continued dedication to its mission.

The new brand identity of Sohar University encapsulates the vibrancy of its academic community and its progressive orientation. Building upon the foundational concept of “knowledge is light” from the previous identity, the university has seamlessly integrated these principles into its renewed image. This transformation encompasses a contemporary logo, a dynamic color palette, and visually striking elements that are both modern and rooted in tradition.  This revitalized identity complements Sohar University’s new strategic plan, which centers around the core pillars of Academic Excellence, Student Experience, Research and Innovation, Community and Industry Engagement, Global Recognition, and Institutional Effectiveness.

Dr. Hamdan Al Fazari, Vice Chancellor of Sohar University, expressed his excitement about this rebranding initiative, saying, “Sohar University is now further poised to play a positive role in advancing Oman’s national aspirations and to meet the needs of the global labor market. Through its new identity, the university will raise its status both nationally & internationally”

Ms. Abir Al Jabri, Leader of the branding project “Leading this project was the perfect opportunity to make a significant impact on Sohar University’s engagement with stakeholders, ultimately enhancing our local and global visibility and reputation”.

Sohar University consistently strives for excellence in academic, research, and community engagement, and this rebranding initiative is a testament to its determination to evolve and excel in the ever-changing landscape of higher education.