Welcome to the Faculty of Law at Sohar University, where we are committed to delivering exceptional legal education. We take great pride in offering Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Law and Public Law, respectively. Our distinguished faculty members, who hail from prestigious universities worldwide, are dedicated to preparing students to navigate the complexities of legal practice and theory.

At our faculty, our primary goal is to cultivate well-rounded individuals ready to drive societal progress. We provide our students with practical legal skills essential for professional practice and foster their research capabilities for further academic pursuits. Through our state-of-the-art moot court facility, students engage in immersive real-life legal simulations, refining their practical abilities. Additionally, our faculty hosts annual workshops, training courses, and dialogues with legal experts, reinforcing principles of rights, justice, and the rule of law. Academic visits to legal institutions further enhance the connection between theoretical learning and practical application.

Our graduates emerge as highly competent professionals, proficient in both theoretical understanding and practical application of the law. With comprehensive training, they excel in local and international job markets, contributing to developmental agendas and advancing legal scholarship through rigorous research and knowledge dissemination.

Together, let us embark on a journey of legal excellence, where there is no barrier to success. Join us at the Faculty of Law at Sohar University, where we empower our students to become the future leaders of the legal profession. Your path to a fulfilling and impactful legal career starts here. Welcome aboard!

Dr. Enas Qutieshat
Dean, Faculty of Law

Dean Dr. Enas Qutieshat
Secretary of the Dean Ms. Afaq Al Breiki
Faculty administrative officer Ms Asma Al Muqbali
QAC representative Dr. Radwan Al Haf, Assistant Professor
TLC representative Dr. Majed Al Adwan, Associate Professor
BA Program Coordinator Professor Mounir Sanosi
MA Program Coordinator Dr. Ahmed Al Omar, Assistant Professor
Isa bin Salem Al Shabibi" Assistant Attorney General
Nabhan bin Rashid Al-Maouli Dean of the Higher Institute of Judiciary
Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Hameed Al-Hatimi Chief of the Sohar Court of Appeal