FEA Program Tab-Master of Curriculum and Teaching Methods

Master of curriculum and teaching Methods ( General, Islamic studies, Arabic language, Science, Social science, Math)

This program is designed to provide applicants with advanced knowledge of teaching principles and research strategies in education filed. It helps them to implement teaching methods in terms of concepts, styles, multiple patterns of teaching etc. It also offers comprehensive knowledge of the learning resources and planning for teaching.

Master degree holder of curriculum and teaching Methods can recruit in many fields in Educational sectors such as senior teachers, supervisors, curriculum designers, member of evaluation and performance development, head of departments, evaluation and assessment specialist, educational manager, experts, consultant. They also can express and deploy their research knowledge in education field and community alike.
Specialization No of Units Fees
Curriculum and Teaching Methods: General Curriculum and Teaching Methods - Arabic Language - Science 24 170 R.O
Foundation and Education Administration 24 170 R.O