Sohar University is the 2nd University in Oman to be Ranked in QS World University Rankings

2nd University in Oman to be Ranked in QS

We are pleased to announce that Sohar University ranked second locally, and the first university among private universities and colleges to enter the QS World University Rankings, as it was included in the category (1001-1200) universities worldwide. This achievement comes as a translation of the efforts made by the university at various academic and research levels, which contributes to achieving the goals of Oman Vision 2040. We dedicate this global achievement to His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, may God protect him, and to the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, represented by Her Excellency Prof. Dr. Rahma bint Ibrahim Al-Mahrouqi, for the unlimited support for the higher education, research and innovation sector, which contributed to Sohar University obtaining this global position in the global rankings of universities. We are extremely grateful to the Chairman and Members of the Board of Directors, the Chairman and Members of the Board of Governors, our students, our alumni, our partners in the public and private sectors, the community and to our highly efficient Sohar University team for their contribution to this global achievement.

Sohar University adopted a focused approach to reach this milestone. We analyzed the methodology of the ǪS World University Rankings and the ǪS Arab Rankings, and concentrated our efforts on the following key areas:

Research and Citations: Sohar University has been dedicated to research since its inception. In the latest ǪS Arab Rankings, Sohar University was ranked 17th in the Arab region for citations per faculty and 35th for papers per faculty. Our faculty and researchers’ dedication has helped us excel in the ǪS World Rankings.

Global Engagement: Our global engagement, particularly with international faculty, in which we ranked 38th worldwide and the International Research Network, was pivotal in elevating Sohar University’s world rankings.

Academic Reputation: As Sohar University’s international network has grown, so has our academic reputation. We have established a Global Profile and Rankings Department that focuses exclusively on international academic and research collaboration. Over the past few years, we have entered into more than 30 active partnerships with renowned institutions worldwide.

Employer Perception: Our alumni and employers have played a crucial role in our ranking. Sohar University maintains constant communication with employers and alumni, regularly updating them about the university’s progress and activities. This has helped us to create a positive perception among employers both within Oman and abroad.

In conclusion, we want to reaffirm Sohar University’s commitment to achieving Oman Vision 2040 and continuing our academic, research, and community engagement excellence. Our future focus areas include attracting international students, and promoting sustainability, for which we have already devised a blueprint.