A New Partnerships Between Sohar University & OQGN

New Partnerships Between Sohar University & OQGN

MOU in Research and Training, Artificial Intelligence, Digitization, and Energy Efficiency

In line with the Strategic Plan 23-28, which aims to expand scientific research and innovation fields as well as maintaining institutional partnership opportunities in the industrial, oil, and gas sectors, Sohar University and OQGN Company signed a joint memorandum of understanding (MOU) on Tuesday, June 25, 2024 in Muscat. The purpose of the memorandum is to develop and conduct a collaborative research related to OQGN in various areas such as digitalization, logistics, pipeline operations, innovation, energy efficiency, artificial intelligence, and other research areas of mutual interest.

There were multiple terms in the MOU, the most significant of which are as follows: developing and conducting collaborative research related to OQGN. Sohar University has commenced proposing scientific research focused on gas networks and their application with artificial intelligence, aiming to enhance efficiency and innovation within the energy sector. In addition to, providing training programs and workshops to OQGN staff, developing internship opportunities, developing scholarship opportunities, and exchanging experience on certain topics.

Dr. Hamdan Al Fazari Vice Chancellor of Sohar University Said: “This memorandum of understanding is a big step towards Sohar University to create stronger links with industries. We are making channels through OQGN so that students and faculty can involve themselves in advanced studies besides acquiring knowledge from professionals within the field itself said Dr. Hamdan Sulaiman Al Fazari, the Vice Chancellor of Sohar University;

This partnership has tremendous potential for Sohar University to contribute more in driving innovation as well as national-development”

He added: “As Sohar University we ensure our effectiveness with our partners, therefore, we began proposing scientific research on gas networks and artificial intelligence applications to improve energy sector, innovation and efficiency”.

It’s worth mentioning that OQGN is the exclusive owner and operator of Oman’s Natural Gas Transmission Network (NGTN), holding a natural monopoly over this critical infrastructure. With a decade-long track record of 99.99% gas availability and no supply interruptions in 2023, the company operational excellence is evident. OQGN’s health and safety record further demonstrates adherence to the highest standards. The operations consider societal interests and Oman’s economic development, aligning with the government’s environmental sustainability efforts. OQGN is committed to empowering Oman’s green hydrogen ambitions by becoming Oman’s hydrogen network operator.