Launching Al-Owtabi Center for Cultural and Heritage Studies at Sohar University

Launching Al-Owtabi Center

The Al Owtabi Center for Cultural and Heritage Studies was established at Sohar University, under the patronage of Sheikh Ahmed Bin Mohammed Bin Shihab AL Balushi, Deputy Wali of Sohar. It is an international cultural and heritage center that specializes in facilitating structured interdisciplinary knowledge and will serve as a cultural reference for scholars and visitors alike.

It is worth noting that numerous officials from North Al Batinah, as well as scholars and interested parties, attended the occasion. Dr. Mahmoud Al Riyami, Linguistics Assistant Professor at Sultan Qaboos University, gave an overview of the nature of Al-Owtabi. Professor Nidal Al-Shamali also gave an overview of the Center, including its committees and research programs.