English Language and Literature

Type Undergraduate
Language English
Duration 4 Years
Study mode Full Time
Credit Units 68

Welcome to the English Language & Literature Undergraduate Program, meticulously crafted to foster a comprehensive development in students keen on exploring the depths of English language and literature. Our program is designed to immerse students in an extensive study that spans the linguistic components of the English language, its rich literary traditions, and the cultivation of essential language skills. At the core of our curriculum is a commitment to employing diverse teaching methodologies and integrating a variety of activities, aimed at significantly enriching the learning experience of our students. From critical analysis and creative writing workshops to research methodology seminars, our approach is holistic, ensuring that each student develops strong critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills.

Understanding the dynamic nature of language and literature, our program is continuously evolving. We remain responsive to the changing needs of both local and global communities, regularly updating our curricula to include contemporary literary works, emerging critical perspectives, and the latest linguistic theories. This forward-thinking approach guarantees that our graduates are not only well-versed in the classics but also adept in interpreting modern texts and trends.

Our curriculum is rich in content, offering courses that cover various periods, genres, and regions, including ancient to contemporary literature, global literatures in translation, and interdisciplinary courses that intersect with history, philosophy, and the digital humanities. We also emphasize the study of critical theory and the development of research skills, preparing students for both academic pursuits and professional careers.

With a faculty comprised of accomplished scholars and industry practitioners, the program offers mentorship and professional development opportunities, including internships and community engagement projects. These experiences ensure that our graduates are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the real world and pursue diverse career opportunities across multiple industries.

Join us in a journey of discovery, learning, and personal growth in our English Language & Literature Undergraduate Program, where your passion for language and literature will flourish, preparing you for a vibrant future.

Graduates of the English Language & Literature Undergraduate Program are uniquely positioned to pursue a wide array of career opportunities across multiple industries, thanks to their well-rounded education, critical thinking abilities, and strong communication skills. The program’s comprehensive curriculum ensures that students are equipped not only with a deep understanding of linguistic and literary concepts but also with the practical skills needed to succeed in various professional contexts.

Career paths for our graduates are diverse and fulfilling. They find rewarding careers in education, where they can inspire future generations as teachers, educators, or academic researchers. The publishing industry offers roles such as editors, literary agents, and content creators, where they can leverage their understanding of language and narrative. Additionally, the digital landscape presents opportunities in content management, digital marketing, and social media strategy, requiring the creative and analytical skills honed in their studies.

Moreover, graduates are well-prepared for roles in public relations, advertising, and journalism, where effective communication and storytelling are paramount. The program also lays a solid foundation for further studies, including graduate programs in English, law, business, and more, opening doors to advanced careers in academia, legal professions, and corporate leadership.

Our program’s focus on interdisciplinary learning, critical analysis, and adaptable skill sets ensures that graduates are not just ready for the job market but are poised to lead and innovate in their chosen fields, reflecting the program’s commitment to preparing students for a dynamic and evolving professional landscape.



Advanced Diploma


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Level Two (18 Units)

Level Three (16 Units)

Level Four (16 Units)

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English Language Studies





Dr. Hadi Kashiha
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