Discover Sohar University’s Exciting Research Workshop Series for the Academic Year 2023-2024

Discover Sohar University’s Exciting Research Workshop Series for the Academic Year 2023-2024


In pursuit of academic excellence and a strong commitment to research and innovation, Sohar University began the academic year 2023-2024 with a series of research seminars. These seminars demonstrate the university’s commitment to expanding its research involvement. These workshops serve as a vital catalyst for academic development and innovation, covering a wide range of topics from research methodologies to the publication support programs offered by the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research, and Innovation.

The Objective:

The primary aim of organising these workshops is to enhance the capabilities of the academic community at Sohar University, equipping them with the requisite knowledge, skills, and resources to achieve excellence in research and innovation pursuits.

The Comprehensive Workshop Series:

The research workshop series offered by Sohar University for the academic year 2023-2024 encompasses a wide range of themes, thereby making a substantial contribution towards the development and improvement of research capabilities.

  1. Introduction to the Ministry’s Publication Support Program: The series commenced with an inaugural workshop that provided an in-depth exploration of the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research, and Innovation’s recently established program aimed at facilitating publication. The event offered useful insights regarding the various resources and opportunities that exist for the publication of research.
  2. Research Commercialization and External Income Generation: This workshop explored the exciting domain of research commercialization and strategies for generating external revenue via research initiatives. Participants gained a comprehensive comprehension of how research can translate into tangible benefits for the university and the greater community.
  3. Research Planning – Collaboration, Time Management, and Focus: The establishment of a well-structured research plan is fundamental to achieving success. The primary objective was to optimise research endeavours and enhance overall output.
  4. Bridging the Gap Between Teaching and Research Through SoTEL (Part I): Integrating teaching and research is essential for accomplishing academic excellence. Part I of this workshop series focused on strategies to bridge the gap between teaching and research, emphasising the symbiotic relationship between the two.
  5. Bridging the Gap Between Teaching and Research Through SoTEL (Part II): Building upon the foundations laid in Part I, this workshop delved deeper into the intersection of teaching and research. Participants explored innovative approaches to enhance their teaching through research insights and findings.


Sohar University’s research workshops for the academic year 2023-2024 demonstrate the university’s unwavering dedication to innovation, research excellence, and academic development. Participants are provided with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their academic endeavours by means of a variety of workshops on various aspects of research.

As Sohar University continues to promote research and innovation, these workshops play a crucial role in fostering a flourishing culture of research within the academic community. By providing advice on research methodologies, providing publication support, and bridging the divide between teaching and research, the university is paving the way for a future characterised by innovation and academic success.