Sohar University Hosts 24th Arab Creative Student Forum: Fostering Innovation and Research Across Borders

24th Arab Creative Student Forum

In a vibrant showcase of intellectual prowess, Sohar University is set to host the 24th Arab Creative Student Forum, bringing together 36 student reasearch papers from 17 universities and 6 centers and institutes spanning 8 countries in the Arab world. This eagerly anticipated event, taking place from November 11 to 15, 2023, serves as a platform for creative Arab youth to share their innovative ideas and research projects across diverse fields and a great research exposure opportunity for Omani youth who are interested in research fields.

The forum’s opening ceremony, graced by Her Excellency Professor Dr. Rahma bint Ibrahim Al-Mahrouqia, Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research, and Innovation, marked the inauguration of a week filled with excitement and intellectual exchange. University VC Dr. Hamdan Al-Fazari and Professor Dr. Fawaz Al-Zaghoul, Director of the Arab Council for Training and Student Creativity, joined a gathering of esteemed guests for the occasion.

This year’s forum revolves around the theme, “The Role of Higher Education Institutions in Economic Development in Various Fields.” It stands as the pinnacle for the participating students, providing a platform for the presentation and evaluation of their research.

Dr Hamadan AL Fazari, said “we believe that student forums contribute significantly to shaping the students’ personalities through purposeful and beneficial programs. These programs highlight talents, excellence, and creativity in activities, research, and innovation. Moreover, they provide a fertile ground for students to explore different cultures and vast scientific fields, whether in their specialization or cultural interests. We encourage the participating students to make the most of this forum, seizing every valuable opportunity it offers in scientific, cultural, and artistic activities across all its aspects and domains.”

Sohar University, in collaboration with the Arab Council for Student Training and Creativity, has conducted an extensive program. Beyond the academic sphere, participants will delve into the rich culture of the Sultanate of Oman, exploring its historical landmarks and civilizations.Professor Dr. Fawaz Al-Zaghoul, emphasizes that developing a knowledge-based economy requires a skilled workforce. He believes educational research contributes to awareness and knowledge, serving as the main driver for economic growth. The importance of enhancing education, vocational training, and technical education in the Arab world is highlighted to achieve economic development and address youth unemployment rates.

It is worth mentioning that, the Arab Council for Student Training and Creativity launched in 1992 which aims to foster scientific, cultural, and artistic activities among Arab university students. The annual Creative Student Forum, initiative of the council, focuses on critical topics essential for Arab society. Winners not only gain recognition but are also awarded financial prizes, motivating the next generation of innovators.

As the final judging stage for previously submitted research and projects, this year’s forum is a testament to the dedication of Arab students to scientific excellence. Sohar University welcomes this educational event, showcasing research in four key areas: Scientific Applied Sciences, Scientific Research for the Humanities, Artistic and Literary Creativity, and Modern Trends in Information Technology.

The 24th Arab Creative Student Forum builds upon a legacy that commenced in 1998 at the University of Jordan and continued to flourish, with the 23rd Forum held at Al-Zaytoon University in 2022. In fact ,such event stands as a testament to the Arab world’s commitment to nurturing the intellectual growth of its youth.