Phone: (968) 26850100
Timings: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Professor Khalid Hussain Dr. Ilhan Chang Dr. Chaouki Ghenai
Professor of Systems Engineering
Dean Faculty of Engineering & Information Sciences,
University of Wollongong in Dubai, UAE
Associate Professor of Civil Engineering
Ajou University, Korea
Associate Professor at Sustainable
and Renewable Energy Engineering Department
    University of Sharjah, UAE
Professor John Rice Professor Ali Shehadeh  
Professor of Management Sciences Professor of Applied Linguistics  
Zayed University, UAE United Arab Emirates University, UAE  


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Opening: MS Teams Link P


Welcome and joining


Opening Address by the Vice Chancellor
Professor Barry Winn, Sohar University


Address by the Pro Vice Chancellor - Research and Innovation
Professor Ghassan Al Kindi, Sohar University


Plenary Session:
Chairperson: Dr. Mohsin Qureshi
Impact of the education sector curricula and research on the sustainable development of societies
Prof. Khalid Hussain, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences, University of Wollongong in Dubai.

Parallel Sessions

Material Science and Technology

S1-Emerging and Sustainable Materials Technology
Chairperson: Dr. Khaled Omar
MS Teams Link T1

S2-Materials for Sustainable Environment
Chairperson: Dr. Rajamohan Natarajan
MS Teams Link T2


Emerging and innovative clean energy technologies
Dr. Chaouki Ghenai
University of Sharjah, UAE


Biopolymer-based soil treatment (BPST)-A new challenge for sustainable geotechnical engineering
Dr. Ilhan Chang
Ajou University, Republic of Korea.





Business and Communities

S3-Enterprise and Industry
Chairperson: Dr. Davoud Nikbin
MS Teams Link T3

S4-Connecting Communities
Chairperson: Dr. Rafik Jamoussi
MS Teams Link T4


How disruption is changing everything, including universities
Professor John Rice
Zayed University, UAE


Characteristics of teaching and learning in 21st century higher educations
Professor Ali Shehadeh
United Arab Emirates University, UAE





Students Research

S5-5MT Five Minutes Thesis (English)
Chairperson: Dr. Zoe Morgan
MS Teams Link T5

S6-5MT Five Minutes Thesis (Arabic and English)
Chairperson: Dr. Muna Al-Badaai
MS Teams Link T6





The submissions to this conference are closed now, and a total of 108 abstracts are received.

Thank you for the contributions

Sohar University strongly believes that research fosters academic and professional excellence, both of which are important for delivering outstanding student education and training.
The 4th Sohar University Research Conference, SURC2021, is meant to provide opportunities for academics, professionals, researchers, practitioners, and educators across the globe to present and discuss recent innovations, trends, challenges, and solutions adopted in their relevant fields.

The 4th Sohar University Research Conference (SURC2021) will be held online on 16 June 2021 through Microsoft Teams.

This year’s conference theme is “Emerging Trends in Sustainable Development.” Our technical programme is rich and varied, with keynote addresses and technical papers split between 6 parallel sessions. The conference sessions are divided into two inclusive thematic areas.

* Registration for the conference is free but mandatory. Both presenters and attendees can register once this service is activated.

Materials Science and Technology

Track 1 Emerging Technologies and
Sustainable Materials
Track 2 Materials for Sustainable
  • Electrical, optical and magnetic materials
  • Fibers and composite materials
  • Advanced materials interfaces
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Novel Biometrics materials
  • Microfluidics and sensors materials
  • Informatics and genomics materials
  • Technology-related materials applications 
  • Energy efficient materials
  • Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing
  • Computer Graphics and Multimedia
  • Computer Networks and Data Communication
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • System Security
  • Computer and Web Applications
  • Green materials for sustainable environment
  • Nano-sciences and technologies for
    sustainable environment
  • Sustainable construction materials
  • Applications of composite materials in
    environmental engineering
  • Materials in geo environmental applications.
  • Clean technologies for environmental protection
  • Materials recycling and reuse technologies
  • Material selection strategies in environmental
  • Materials characterization and modeling in
    environmental applications.

Business and Communities

Track 3 Enterprise and Industry Track 4 Connecting Communities
  • Multidisciplinary business and
    management related sustainable
  • Sustainable innovation
  • Environmental management
  • Sustainable supply chain management
  • Sustainable corporate social responsibility
  • Sustainable production and consumption
  • Sustainable marketing strategies
  • Business technology and digitalization
  • Business model design and development
  • Any sustainability initiatives related
    to the context of business
  • Rethinking educational concepts
  • The challenges of communicating/working
    through novel media
  • Paradigm shifts or incremental adaptation
  • The challenges and opportunities of new
    educational contexts
  • Work organization and learning communities in
    the midst of changes
  • Emerging communication platforms
  • Language mediation for online
  • Student/teacher relations in online learning
  • Legal aspects of online communication

  • There will also be a “5MT – Five Minutes Thesis” session for student to present their research outcomes, both in Arabic and English.
  • All submissions will be peer-reviewed and evaluated based on originality, technical and research depth, accuracy, and relevance.
  • Papers from the conference will be selected for peer review ahead of publication in indexed journals.
  • Due Date for Submissions: 20 May 2021
  • Notification of Acceptance: 01 June 2021
  • Registration Open: 01 June 2021
  • Final Programme: 10 June 2021
  • Conference on: 16 June 2021
Committee Name
Chair Professor Ghassan Al Kindi
Co-Chair Dr. Mohsin Qureshi
Organizing Committee
  • Honorable Dr. Dawood AlHamdani
  • Dr. Rafik Jamoussi
  • Dr. Rajamohan Natarajan
  • Dr. Khalid Omar
  • Dr. Davoud Nikbin
Logistics Committee
  • Ms. Fatma Al Jabri (Admin Support)
  • Mr. Salim Al Balushi (Admin Support)
  • Ms. Amina Al Shizawi (Marketing)
  • Ms. Papiya Giri (Webmaster)
  • Ms. Aisha Maqbali (IT specialist)
Scientific Committee
  • Professor Rajasimman Manivasagan, Annamalai University, India
  • Professor Md. Maniruzzaman, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh
  • Dr. Way Way Moient, Principal Engineer, Geotechnical Consulting Group, UK
  • Dr. Shaifulazuar bin rozali, University Malaya, Malaysia
  • Dr. Selvaraju Narayanasamy, Indian Institute of Technology-Guwahati, India
  • Dr. Rameez Asif, University of Strathclyde, UK
  • Dr. Mubashir Aziz, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences,
    Lahore, Pakistan
  • Dr. Khaled Ali Al Attab, Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Dr. Jamil Renno, Qatar University, Qatar
  • Dr. Jamaluddin Abdullah, Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Dr. Ivan Gratchev, Griffith University, Australia
  • Dr. Ilhan Chang, Ajou University, Korea
  • Dr. Harish Ravi Shankar, National University of Ireland (Galway), Ireland
  • Dr. Behzad Foroughi, I-Shou University, Taiwan
  • Dr. Asif Arshad, Langan Engineering & Environmental Services, USA
  • Dr. Ali Vafaei Zadeh, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Dr. Abeer M. Almaimouni, Kuwait University, Kuwait
  • Professor Rakesh Belwal, Sohar University, Oman
  • Dr. Shaher El Ayyan, Sohar University, Oman
  • Dr. Saeid Hosseini, Sohar University, Oman
  • Dr. Reza Farzipoorsaen, Sohar University, Oman
  • Dr. Mostafa Ghasemi Baboli, Sohar University, Oman
  • Dr. Mahmoud Younis, Sohar University, Oman
  • Dr. Kashif Zia, Sohar University, Oman
  • Dr. Kais Al Alwan, Sohar University, Oman
  • Dr. Ali Heikel, Sohar University, Oman
  • Dr. J. Karthikeyan, Vellore Institute of Technology, India
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