Student Handbook


This purpose of this handbook is to provide all SU postgraduate students with a general overview of the University.  In the next pages you will find a range of information related to faculties; campus facilities, academic support, student support, progression and assessment, general University rules and regulations in addition to some key student forms you may require during your tenure at SU.

At SU, the following is the list of all post graduate programs offered across 5 faculties:

  • Master in Business Administration(MBA)
  • Master in Computer Science
  • Master in Education in the following streams:
    • Master of Education in Foundation and Education Administration
    • Master of Curriculum and Teaching Methods(Arabic)
    • Master of Curriculum and Teaching Methods(General)
    • Master of Curriculum and Teaching Methods(Islamic Studies)
    • Master of Curriculum and Teaching Methods(Social Studies)
    • Master of Curriculum and Teaching Methods(Maths)
    • Master of School Sport Sciences
  • Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering(MEng)
  • Master in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MA TESOL)
  • Teacher Preparation Program
A Message from the Vice Chancellor
Part 1: SU Mission, Vision and Values
Part 2: Academic Calendars
Part 3: Academic Programs and Units
Part 4: Academic Information
Part 5: Graduate Attributes
Part 6: Assessment
Part 7: Support Services
Part 8: Student Support Services
Part 9: Student Advisory Council
Part 10: Health Safety and Environment
Part 11: General Rules & Regulations
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