The Sohar University Writing Studio, located in the open space on the second floor of the LRC Building, is a free service to support writing for all SU students; Foundation and Undergraduates in all disciplines. Staffed by the General Foundation Programme teachers, the Writing Studio offers the following services:

One-to-one or small group clinics:

These are usually 20-30 minutes of consultation where students bring their assignments or any writing tasks/project for discussion and clarification about organizing their ideas and communicating them clearly.
Students can also benefit from other services while having a one-on-one session like

  • Getting reading support where they can see the connection between Reading and writing, and develop reading strategies.
  • Getting further practice materials for writing according to their needs

One-to-one consultations:

these are 50 minutes booked appointments where students can discuss their writings and receive help to develop strategies to improve their assignments in particular, and become better writers in general
Workshops:During workshops students can benefit from the content presented by the teachers and from collaboration with other students. The workshops focus on a particular topic that comprises part of the prewriting or writing processes or any other aspects that relate to writing at university.