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Our Students

​​​The Faculty of Law at Sohar University is working to improve its programs in order to ensure students receive a quality education. Our curricula have been prepared to meet the needs of the current marketplace and to prepare graduates to pursue a promising future.

The Faculty focuses on developing the professional skills of the graduates by giving them access to practical applications. For instance, the Faculty has signed memorandum of understandings with some legal firms to ensure practice opportunities to students. Moreover, students can access the in campus Moot Court to practice their profession and feel being in a real court.

Our staff are known for their academic excellence. They enjoy providing friendly, personal guidance to our students.

The Faculty also contributes to the local community by holding seminars and workshops where prominent speakers and leading experts participate and share their expertise.

The Faculty is currently working on introducing postgraduate programs after getting required approvals.

The Faculty of Law promises to continue its efforts to be a school that serve its students and the community. The Faculty will continue as a leading Faculty in the region with influential academic programs.

Why study our programs?

  • Strong emphasis on the professional integration of theory and practice.

  • Program taught by legal practitioners with experience across several jurisdictions.

  • Flexible study environment and learning pathway.

  • Training opportunities in real excellent firms.

The Faculty of Law, with its experienced academic staff, is committed to providing quality education.

The Faculty uses different methods of teaching to train students into becoming excellent future professions in their field of jurisdiction. Students learn how to meet the market needs and provide legal advice as per the international standards.

Students are directed towards learner’s autonomy. Training and practice opportunities are provided to all students inside and outside the campus. Moot Court is one of the places where students can practice the nature and feeling of a real court.

Outside the campus, students usually have secured internship opportunities in private and public legal offices.

Programs are designed to maximize the students’ problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity and communication skills. The ultimate aim is to enable the Faculty’s graduates to play leading roles in their professions as well as in their broader community.

The Faculty is working to introduce postgraduate programs in order to serve the need of the market and provide an opportunity for graduate students to pursue their postgraduate studies and do researches that would improve the legal system in Oman and beyond.

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