The English Language Training Center - ELTC - at Sohar University provides a variety of regular and tailored language training courses in an effort to cater for the diverse needs of a growing local market. To reserve its place as one of the main providers of language training in the area, the language center has reaffirmed its commitment to diversify into market-oriented services.

To satisfy the growing demand for needs-based IELTS test preparation, the ELTC designed flexible courses that suit the convenience of its customers and build on their prior language proficiency as well. The center has also expanded its provision of language training by offering its potential clients the opportunity to enroll in teaching IELTS courses. To add to that, the ELTC runs face-to-face CELTA courses for recent graduates or teachers who want to progress in their careers.

Given that the center is still strongly committed to the development of the local community, a range of general English courses are provided to allow its customers to choose the ones that help them make progress. In its attempt to meet the needs of all its stakeholders, the ELTC also provides summer courses for school students according to the local market demand.