Create and Innovate

We will develop research capacity to build the foundations for promoting enterprise and knowledge transfer in support of social and economic impact.

The University is committed to the increased development of research and knowledge transfer during the coming five years that meets international standards. We believe that higher education and the student experience is enhanced by delivery in an environment where academic staff are engaged with research, innovation and knowledge transfer. Creation of new knowledge allows us to shape our future and provides opportunities for wealth generation and enhancement of the quality of life.

The University will seek to increase the volume and quality of research and knowledge transfer undertaken and will promote student engagement in active research projects. This will help build our reputation, and support growth and the recruitment of high quality academic staff.




Develop in areas of existing research strength

Build inter-disciplinary research teams with critical mass in four thematic areas

Oman by aligning with national and regional priorities

Increase research capacity and capability

Enhance the contribution of existing staff and recruit new staff to support thematic areas.

Community by creating new knowledge for public benefit

Gain Doctoral Degree Awarding powers

Develop a Doctoral Training Centre to support a vibrant postgraduate community

Oman by providing higher level skills and expertise and promote Omanisation

Integrate support for enterprise, innovation and knowledge transfer

Implement the Intaj Suhar initiative to provide a gateway for business engagement

Oman by providing know-how, innovation and IP in support of economic diversification

Embed research-informed teaching

Provide students with the opportunity to participate in research projects and promote enquiry-based learning

Graduates with the ability to evaluate, analyse and create and support those who have aspirations for a research career

  • Improved research ranking
  • Increased output in peer reviewed journals
  • Registration of doctoral students
  • Increased research and knowledge transfer income
  • Number of students participating in active research
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