Build strategic alliances with our national, regional and international communities to support innovation in educational, social, cultural and economic development 

We believe that working in partnerships makes us stronger and helps build equitable communities that work for a common purpose. Universities are important drivers of change and provide a valuable meeting place for people across civic society. The University is an anchor institution in the region and we understand our corporate and social responsibility to work in partnership with a range of agencies to develop a fully integrated university-city. The international reach of the University will support an enhanced role in the growth of North Al Batinah. We will also encourage staff and students to be involved with locally based organisations to embed public benefit into the life of the University.




Open the campus to the community through public lectures, educational and cultural events, arts on campus, and sports events to position the institution as a publicly-engaged University

Deliver a coherent annual calendar of events and integrate activity across all areas of the University

Oman by demonstrating the benefit of a university-city to a wide constituency and inspire individual involvement in continued education

Build national, regional and global partnerships for mutual benefit

Lead initiatives to develop partnerships in North Al Batinah, GCC and other international trading cities (UK, India, Malaysia and Australia)

Community by creating new opportunities for student and staff mobility, and increasing external research funding through engagement with strategic partners

Work closely with alumni for advocacy and consultation

Support alumni to become leaders of their own community and extend the role of the Alumni Committee

Student body by supporting alumni, mentors and ambassadors

Develop relationships to support student engagement and professional development

Use professional networks to help position Sohar and Oman as a place to build profile with ready and able graduates. 

Students by developing career access and development

Contribute to the economic development of Oman through innovation

Deliver innovative support for small and medium size enterprises and for new business start-ups

Community by supporting the economic development of Al Batinah and beyond

  • Number of events and engagement with the University
  • Number of projects with international/regional partners
  • Grow alumni network
  • Number of business interactions
  • Participation in lifelong learning
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