Dr. Rajamohan Natarajan, Faculty of Engineering– Environment

The article was published in the ASCE - Journal of Environmental Engineering (SCOPUS, WoS-IF = 1.657)

This article's publication is related to the experiments carried out in the Biofilter reactor and its components, created through TRC grant, Treatment of BTEX contaminated industrial emissions using a biofilter. This paper addresses a critical air pollution problem caused by the release of isoprene and acetone. Isoprene and acetone are two primary air pollutants which are released due to both industrial and anthropogenic activities. The air polluted with isoprene and acetone was treated in an Upflow biofilter reactor. The effect of operating parameters, namely initial ollutant concentration and flow rate of the air, was studied on the biofiltration performance of the reactor. Based on the experimental results, the treatment efficiency achieved was appreciably higher, and the technology proved a vital breakthrough for air pollution control and treatment.  Read More...

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