Dr. Mohsin Qureshi – Faculty of Engineering - Environment

Rasool, A. M., Qureshi, M. U., & Ahmad, M. (2020). A Comparative Study on the Calculation of Wind Load and Analysis of Communication Tower as per TIA-222-G and TIA-222-H Standards. KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, 1-8.

The Article is Published in KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering (WoS IF: 1.515, SCOPUS) in collaboration with engineers and researchers from the National Engineering Services Pakistan.

The main objective of this study is to provide guidelines for wind load calculation on tower body, appurtenances and other structures and to compare the member axial forces induced by the wind loads as per TIA-222-G & TIA-222-H standards. The analysis results show that member axial forces are not much affected when the tower was analyzed in accordance with both the standards. However, forces might increase when the basic wind speed increased more than 200 kph as per TIA-222-H standard.

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