Dr. Sanjeev Kumar – Faculty of Business – Enterprise and Industry

Kumar, S., Verma, P., Patel, P., & Rajesh, J. I. (2020). Perceptions of Indian managers on the impact of convergent technologies on work and resultant organisational performance in service industry. International Journal of Emerging Markets.

The Article is Published in International Journal of Emerging Markets (ABS1, WoS IF: 1.022, SCOPUS) in collaboration with researchers from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK, Newcastle University,  UK, Flinders University, Australia 

This research examines Indian service managers' perceptions on impact of convergent technologies on their work and resultant organisational performance. The research uses four dimensions – task productivity, task innovation, customer satisfaction and management control – taken together, to investigate the perceived impact of convergent technologies adoption in service organisations context and further examines the resultant organisational performance, based on these dimensions. 

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