Dr. Kashif Zia, Faculty of Computing and Information Technology - Emerging and Advanced Technology

The article was published in the Journal of Future Internet (SCOPUS).

The latest manifestation of “all connected world” is the Internet of Things (IoT), and Internet of Vehicles (IoV) is one of the key examples of IoT these days. In Social IoV (SIoV), each vehicle is treated as a social object where it establishes and manages its own Social Network (SN). Incidentally, most of the SIoV research in the literature is related to proximity-based connectivity and interactions. In this paper, the authors bring people in the loop by incorporating their SNs. While emphasizing a recommendation scenario, in which vehicles may require recommendations from SNs of their owners (in addition to their own SIoV), the authors have proposed an agent-based model of information sharing (for context-based recommendations) on a hypothetical population of smart vehicles. The model presented in this paper can be used to design a multi-scale recommendation system, which uses SIoV and a typical SN in combination. Read More...

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