Dr. Shweta Belwal, Faculty of Business– Enterprise and Industry

The Article was published in International Journal of Employee Relations (SCOPUS) in collaboration with a researcher from Sultan Qaboos University, Oman.

The purpose of this paper is to take cognizance of the work–life balance (WLB) challenges facing working women in Oman, make a review of the family-friendly policies (FFPs), related provisions in labour laws of various nations, and identify and suggest some FFP-based solutions for attracting women to private sector jobs.

An exploratory approach was used to understand the lived experience of participants using 46 in-depth interviews. To retain and boost the socio-economic development in the post-oil economy, the success of the private sector will depend on the participation of the Omani workforce. The role of working Omani women will be pivotal, for they form a substantial part of the skilled human resources inventory. Read more...

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