Dr. Jabar Yousif, Faculty of Computing and Information Technology - Emerging and Advanced Technologies

The Article was published in Renewable Energy (SCOPUS, WoS IF: 6.274) in collaboration with researchers from the Faculty of Engineering (Sohar University), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, and University of Technology, Iraq. 

This paper aims to enhance the power production performance of PV/T based on three cooling models using nanofluid, SiC-water, and nano-PCM. Three mathematical linear prediction models were developed and compared with the prediction of ANN models, and the results were verified and fit the experimental results. The proposed predicting models attained an excellent R-squared result of 0.99 and MSE value of 0.006, and RSME of 0.009 for both P-M1 and P-M2 models. The proposed prediction models help to reduce the error in furcating future results and determine the best conditions for any solar system in an easy and fast way. Read more...

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