Dr. Eyad Abu. Shandi, Faculty of Engineering– Environment

The Article was published in Scientific Report, Springer (SCOPUS, WoS IF: 4.525) in collaboration with a researcher from the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology, Sohar University.

This research paper presents an assessment of shoreline erosion magnitudes using field measurements coupled with Multiple Linear Regressions Models (MLR) to predict future changes.

The field measurements for the shoreline were taken at 19 different points, the space between the points in a range of 500 – 700 m approximately. The first field measurements were taken on 19th 20th 21st of June, 2016 while the second field measurements were taken on 14th 15th 16th of November 2016.

Pearson correlation shows a strong relationship between the first and the second field trips with an average of 0.83. This significant relationship ensures the applicability of MLRs to project future changes on the shorelines. The results of the MLRs showed severe negative volumetric shoreline erosion with an average of 5.2 m/year with some exceptions at the catchment outlets. Read more...

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