Dr. Mahmoud Hawawshah  –FEA – Connecting Communities

Hawawshah, M. (2020). Thematic Need in Verbal Sentence Structure. Dirasat: Human and Social Sciences, 47(2).

The Article is Published in Dirasat: Human and Social Sciences (SCOPUS).

The research is conducted in the framework of modern linguistics that serves the Arabic textual project, specifically the verbal sentence, it includes an explanation of the verbal sentence text in the Arabic language. Arabic grammar has been concerned with the details of the sentence because it is the basis of the textual linguistic structure. Its basis is based on the sequence of interconnections between the different parts of the sentence and the sentence’s lack of textual features, so every part of the sentence lacks the other and the sentence lacks its needs for the text. The verb needs the subject, the verb, and the subject need the complement to indicate their textual destination, the sentence of the predication and the complement needs the text, so every sentence with complete elements is a complete sentence. If the basis is delivered clearly, it will result in a strong structure, and this is what Arabic grammar is about. If the textual lesson is modern, then its practical roots are found in ancient Arabic grammar.

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