Dr. Hajer Harrathi, Faculty of Education and Arts – Connecting Communities

ISBN: 9957-71-893-0

This book is considered the first study of women’s literary saloons in the Arab world in the past. The study attempts to reconsider the literary heritage of Arabs by investigating and rediscovering the literature available to unravel the marginalized life. The author’s interest stems from the striking contradiction between the pervasiveness of female literary saloons in that era and the blackout imposed on them. This fact persuaded the author to examine the phenomenon to resuscitate it and confirm its existence in addition to critically studying it. For ages, it has been thought that women’s literary saloons are a Western tradition originating from the French women’s literary saloons. In the Arab world, there has been complete silence on the phenomenon except for a few scattered hints and biased citations to serve the purpose of the study.

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