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Did you know?

Visitors can join our campus Wi-Fi guest network on their mobile devices. To join simply follow these steps:

  • When on campus, access your mobile device Wi-Fi settings
  • Select the SUGuest network
  • Open a mobile browser on your device
  • When redirected, accept the SU terms and conditions of use

Your guest access will last for 24 hours - enjoy!

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Detailed information about password policy and instructions for managing your password are given below.
Network Password Rules:
  • Never share your network password with anyone.
  • SU Passwords must follow a specific set of guidelines as follows:
    • At least 10 characters long.
    • Contains a mixture of upper and lower‐case letters.
    • Includes at least one number, punctuation mark or other special character ()! @#$%^&*()_+~?><{}..Etc.
    • dont based on a single dictionary word
    • Does not include any of your names.
  • It is recommended by the information technology department that the user should change the password every 180 days( for stronger security. 
  • Sohar University System will create e-mail notifications for staff prior to their user account password expiry and renewal.
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