Outstanding Achievement Awards 2020/2021

Vice Chancellor Award

Number of University employees received the Vice Chancellor Achievement Awards for the academic year 2020/ 2021 in recognition of their efforts and contributions. The University celebrated the winners on June 24, in the presence of the Vice Chancellor Professor Barry Winn and other management members.

The Vice Chancellor Outstanding Achievement Award was awarded to Mohammed Rashid Al Makhmari from faculty of Law, Amal Habib Al Jardaniy from Health and Safety section, Roshan Mathawi, and information technology services team of directed remote learning and blended learning.

Dr. Nitin Bhaurao Raut won the Vice Chancellor Teaching Award this year from the faculty of Engineering.

The Vice Chancellor’s Outstanding Achievement Awards are part of the university's initiatives to recognize the employees and motivate them, which contributes in enhancing the quality of services provided by the university to students and society.

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