New scientific achievements to Sohar University

New scientific achievements to Sohar University

In a new achievement to be added to Sohar University, Dr Hussein A. Kazem Al-Waeli, and Dr Reza Frazibor from the Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Business were added to the list of the best 2% of Scientists around the World, as part of a list issued by Stanford University.

The experts at Stanford University have created a database led by Dr John Ioannidis who has also drawn on a database from SCOPUS that classifies journals and provides citation index.

This database includes the top 2% of Scientists in the World from various fields based on standardized citation indicators and includes information on the number of citations, H-index, co-authoring, and compound citation index.
The results were recently published in PloS Biology and are categorized into 22 scientific fields and 176 subspecialties in the report. The comprehensive list includes 159,683 people with only 21 scientists from Omani higher education institutions.

Dr Hussein A. Kazem has a long scientific and practical experience that extends to 25 years in the field of scientific research and has published 195 papers in scientific journals and conferences, and about 45 invited lectures. He is the author of six books in addition to receiving many national and international awards.

Dr Reza Ferzibor is a member of the Faculty of Business Administration and head of the research department of the Faculty. He has published more than 200 peer-reviewed papers in many prestigious journals and has a long experience in industrial and consulting fields spanning 24 years.

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