Leadership & youth empowerment at Sohar University

As part of its on-going commitment to empowering leaders’ of tomorrow and instilling further positivity in the nation’s socioeconomic scene, Sohar International’s Chairman Mr Mohammed Mahfoudh Al Ardhi delivered a lecture to students at Sohar University under the theme of ‘Leadership and Youth Empowerment’ in which he shared valuable lessons from his experience.

The lecture started by highlighting the importance of getting inspiration from history, noting that Willayat Sohar played a major role in Oman’s history as witnessed in trade, culture, and relations with friendly nations. the speech then laid out six pillars of success derived from the life experience highlighting the importance of always having strong faith, being ambitious, fearless in pursuing dreams, hardworking, seeking out opportunities, and attaining self-value instead of only seeking monetary value.

While stressing on the fact that leadership is not linked to any certain age, Mr Mohammed Mahfoudh Al Ardhi touched upon the many aspects of leadership and the importance of leadership values that are changing in context of globalization dynamics. He said, “Experience learnt over time remains a priceless commodity that we believe must be shared and passed down to the next generations with confidence in their capacity to lead with increased vigour and enthusiasm, especially amidst the fast-paced fourth industrial revolution that demands increased participation of the young minds.”

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