Introduction of “Eidaad” Program

 Introduction of Eidaad Program

Sohar University received a delegation from Petroleum Development Oman, as part of the efforts to enhance industrial and academic cooperation. This came on Thursday, December 31, 2020 at the Campus in the Learning Resources Centre. The aim of the visit was to introduce the "Eidaad" program, which is considered one of the important initiatives in collaboration between The Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and Petroleum Development Oman, and in cooperation with some academic institutions affiliated with the Ministry. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between industrial and academic institutions. Also; it aims to provide a combined internal training program for a full academic year that focuses on upgrading highly skilled students and developing their practical abilities. In addition, the program aims at building the students’ applied technical skills before graduation to achieve compatibility between academic outputs and the needs of the industry and the labor market. It also includes a preparatory and development program that focuses on the required skills and training courses approved and recognized by academic institutions. The delegation included Mr. Hamed Al- Hadhrami, External Learning & Development Manager, and Mrs. Maryam Al-Zadjaliya, as part of the PDO team. During this visit, some discussions were held to enhance the role of educational institutions and to build the students’ capacity and practical experiences to provide the necessary support to the industrial sector. The delegation also visited the industrial facilities available at the university and related research laboratories.

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