Intaj Sohar

Intaj Suhar

Intaj Sohar is proud to finish producing 10200 medical masks using the plastic injection method, as part of supporting national efforts to confront the outbreak of the Corona virus. A large number of these masks were donated to some hospitals in the Sultanate and a number of them were marketed to the local market and the health sector. It should be noted that the project has the capacity and efficiency to produce between 10,000 and 20,000 additional masks with a production capacity that reaches 300 to 500 pieces per day at competitive prices.

Intaj Sohar signed a contract with a local company to organize product assembly, packaging and marketing, which would provide the opportunity for Intaj Sohar cadres to focus on producing new products.

In the coming period, Intaj Sohar will produce a new product every four weeks in order to support the local market with products designed and manufactured in Oman.

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