Innovation and Industry

Innovation and industry

As part of the national efforts to support healthcare to cope with the emerging coronavirus pandemic, Intaj Sohar has produced several products as prototypes. These include N95 mask holders, face mask holders, swab test wand kits (for throat and nose), simple, low-cost foot presses for hand sanitizing. In addition, there are many other initiatives such as the oxygen delivery valve in cooperation with Omani manufacturers.

Intaj Sohar has also manufactured face masks which were delivered to the Ministry of Health through (InfoTech) Company, which assembles the products. Intaj Sohar Team has also developed two prototypes for ventilator systems. One of them is based on the Ambu-Bag, which is the manual medical pump that is widely used in hospitals. The other prototype is an innovative system with all its mechanical parts produced by Sohar Intaj Sohar.

One of the biggest achievements was designing, manufacturing and testing a real mold by using an injection molding machine to produce high quality face shields. OQ Company donated this machine that was transported and installed in Intaj Sohar with the help of Sohar Port. Nearly 10,000 units have been produced so far.

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