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20th Graduation Ceremony | Sohar University

Sohar University 20th Graduation Ceremony

Graduation ceremonies are held annually and are typically at the end of each year. This event celebrates a successful education for students and their families to be able to reflect on their achievements both inside and outside of the university. Graduation events are also held in university to celebrate the academic achievements and successes of students, as well as their life goals.

About Sohar University Oman

Sohar University (SU) Oman is the first private university located in the Sohar, Sultanate of Oman. The university holds bachelor's degrees in six academic fields: Business, Computing and IT, Engineering, Education and Arts, Language Studies, and Law. It also holds master's degrees in five academic fields: Business, Computing and IT, Education and Arts, Engineering, and Law.

The university has developed “Academic Support Services" that provide a range of courses and training opportunities for professionals, both new graduates seeking to develop their skills and long-term professional development and those already in the workforce.

Students who complete their academics at the Sohar University are conferred with graduation certificates. The university holds a graduation ceremony at the end of every academic year.

Graduating students are felicitated for completing their academic years at the university. The honorable chief guest, staff, and management of the university then speak about the role of young minds in shaping the development of the world. They also emphasize the role of education in making this happen.

A brief about the 20th graduation ceremony for 2022

Sohar University held a grand ceremony to felicitate students who have successfully completed their graduation. This year, the university had the distinction of commending the graduation efforts of two batches of students.

It celebrated the graduation of the 19th and 20th batches of its students on Thursday, June. 9. The event was held under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Subaa bin Hamdan Al Saadi, Secretary-General of the secretariat general for National Celebrations. The ceremony was held at Madinat Al Irfan Theatre in Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre in Muscat.

The ceremony began with the national anthem, followed by a recitation from the Holy Quran.

Then, Dr Hamdan Al Fazari, the Vice-Chancellor of Sohar University, delivered a speech welcoming the patron of the ceremony and the audience. He congratulated the graduates on the occasion of their graduation. On behalf of her fellow graduates, the graduate Aisha Hamed Al Risi delivered the Graduation Speech.

After that, distinguished graduates were rewarded, and Certificates were handed to all the graduates.

A glimpse of the students who graduated from the university

There were a total of 3,126 graduates of the two batches from the six faculties of the university.

The 19th batch included 1440 graduates:

  • 419 graduates from Business Faculty,
  • 222 graduates from Engineering,
  • 119 graduates from Computing and IT,
  • 376 graduates from Language Studies,
  • 247 graduates from Education and Arts, and
  • 57 graduates from Law Faculty.

The 20th batch included 1686 graduates:

  • 441 graduates from Business Faculty,
  • 228 graduates from Engineering,
  • 178 graduates from Computing and IT,
  • 307 graduates from Language Studies,
  • 389 graduates from Education and Arts, and
  • 143 graduates from Law Faculty.
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