Law Courses

A typical course structure is given below. Please note that core subjects and options may vary from year to year.

  • Introduction to Law
  • Oman and Islamic Culture
  • Criminology & Penology
  • Key Application
  • Math (1)
  • The Art of Writing and expression
  • Introduction to Islamic Jurisprudence
  • Human Rights
  • Political Systems & Constitutional Principles
  • Arabic Language Skills
  • Computing Fundamental
  • Computer skills
  • Nominal Contracts
  • Provisions of Obligations
  • Corporate Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Commercial Law
  • Sources Of Obligations
  • Legal Writing& Research
  • Criminal Law 1
  • Private International law
  • Criminal Law 2
  • Administrative Judiciary
  • Law of Civil and Commercial Procedures
  • Labour Law
  • Public  International Law
  • Personal Status 1
  • Stock market Trading & Banking Operations
  • Rights In Rem
  • Moot Court
  • Ethics& Professional Responsibility
  • Law of Criminal Procedures
  • Legal Clinic
  • Personal Status 2

The information above reflects the currently intended course structure and module details. Updates may be made on an annual basis and revised details will be published through Program Specifications ahead of each academic year

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