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Student Services

Student Services
Ms. Fatma Al Farsi
Administrative Officer
Tel: (+968)26850100 - Ext: 133
Email: FFarsi@su.edu.om
Office: Mahatat Altalabah

Female students’ hostel is in the campus near the colleges and facilities of the university.

It consists of 4 buildings, each building contains 4 floors, and many rooms are divided into (single, binary, triple).

Registration and reservation of rooms are made by smartphones via the application (Sohar University).

The university hostel provides supervisors, nurse, security, a 24-hour daily shift bus, and daily cleaning services.

Moreover, laundry hall, supermarket, study hall, TV hall, leisure hall, weekly shopping, and leisure trips, are also provided


Type of room

Per semester








Tel: 26850100  Ext: 336
Other Ext.: 517 - 303 – 334
Email: RMamari@su.edu.om , FFarsi@su.edu.om

The University provides transportation services for students staying in University housing. Weekly transportation is provided for female students from university housing to their countries according to the regions covered by university transportation. Also, transportation is provided for female students arriving and departing through airports/ports at the beginning and end of the semester and on official holidays.

Note: Students can book transportation via Sohar University smartphone application.


Type of Transportation

Per semester




Tel: 26850100 Ext: 133

The Sohar University Clinic is located on-campus and provides basic and immediate health care along with referrals, when needed, to a local hospital or clinic. For hostel students, a nurse is on site throughout the night, except for Thursday and Friday evenings, and for all students, the University’s ambulance service is on call, 24 hours a day, throughout the year.

Important Information:
  • All new students are required to complete a health history form which will be kept on record at the clinic.
  • All students are required to inform the clinic of any health issues they might have. This is to help both the student and the clinic should a health care issue arise.
  • Students are advised to take a referral form from the clinic before visiting any health care service provider outside the University.

In addition to the emergency service provided by the University’s ambulances, a bus service is available to take students to and from this hospital and clinic:

To Sohar Hospital

08:30 am daily

To Uwainat Clinic

10:30 am & 12:30 pm daily

  • Remember - the University ambulance service is on call 24/7.
  • The University clinic can issue sick leave notices as needed.
  • All documents and sick leave notices supplied by off-campus health care providers must be authorized with a signature and official stamp by the University clinic before being submitted to faculty.


Tel: 26850100 Ext: 228, 229 & 770.
Emails: clinic@su.edu.om 

Experienced counsellors and a qualified psychologist are available in the university to provide services, where students are welcome to visit and to have social or emotional support.

We assure the students that, these advisors are well trained and maintain confidentiality permanently.

The department organizes workshops and lectures about a range of topics related to student’s life.

 Students can also seek advice if they are facing troubles either with students or staff.

Student can visit the Student Counselling offices to report, or they can fill and submit a complaint form to the Student Counseling Department in the Student Services in SU.


Tel: 26850100, Ext: 338
Nawal Al-Marshoodi, NMarshoodi@su.edu.om
Muna Al Jahwari, MJahwari@su.edu.om
Fatma Al-Balushi, FNBalushi@su.edu.om

The University campus has a main restaurant, a cafeteria that serves both drinks and meals, and another three coffee shops, including a coffee shop in the award-winning LRC. The main restaurant is open from 7 am to 9 pm and also offers a delivery service for students who live in the on-campus hostel. In addition, students can order from local restaurants and there is a host of delivery services from which to choose.

Experts on nutrition are available in Students Services to advise and make recommendations on healthy eating. They check the standard of food available to students at all of our on-campus outlets and ensure that the prices charged are reasonable.


Tel: 26860100 Ext:146

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