• Arabic (اللغة العربية)

Mrs. Moza Ahmed Al-Moqbali

Phone: +968 26850116 Ex. 592
Block: F, Office no: 002

Moza Ahmed Al Maqbali, holds her bachelor in Arabic language and literature in 2003 and a master in Arabic language, literature and grammar in 2008. She has been a lecturer in Arabic language and grammar at Sohar University's, Faculty of Education and Arts since 2009. She worked in teaching grammar and morphology Sciences Philology and rhetoric sciences. She has published a research entitled "The Provisions of Obligation in the Book of Sibawayh, a Study in Text and Reasoning," which was a thesis for a master's degree and was later printed by Dar Al-Inteshar in Beirut in 2009 from the Omani Writers' Association, as well as "The phenomenon of syntactic behaviour and its impact on the significance of structures and their appearance in a gap in grammar," which was presented at the Sohar University Research Conference in 2019, and "Emotional Affirmations in the Arabic Language: A Look at Sibawayh's Book".

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